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Cute girl who is crazy fun,adorable and smart. Iria loves wearing head bands. Iria needs lot of attention. She is an idea girl to bring to parties and to go to formal dinners. :)
Guy 1 : Are you bringing Iria to the party?
Guy 2 : Yes as soon as we finish the dinner at my house.
by Huggable_vampire_muffin December 13, 2010
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She is a super cute energetic girl. She will alaways care for you, as long as you are on her good side. She could be as sweet as ice cream but also evil as Satan. She always thinks of others before herself and brings the best energy of others. You can trust her with any secret. She is usually always in a good mood and great to bring to parties.

She will always say what’s on her mind.
Hey do you like this outfit?
Ask Iria, she has good style


Hey could you help me with this problem
Iria probably has the answer
by Xxxgggg May 07, 2018
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