when you imagine a country is so mess and traveling there may endanger your life. But you risk traveling and see completely different and safe country.
john: i don't dare going to that country. it is said that i may lose my life.
Sarah:oh don't iranize about that peaceful country.
by Abolfazl.Ahmadi June 14, 2017

to resourcefully and technologically fight non-violently against a violently oppressive force on a massive, coordinated scale, especially when used against a dictator, authoritarian regime, or even a significant other.
Social: "John's has been cheating on you! It's ok tho, cuz all of us camera phoned him in the club hookin up with that Herpes girl. His std-risk ass is toast once we youtube it and he can't get anymore play! We're gonna Iran his ass!"

Academic: "My high school principal is threatening to suspend everyone until we all apologize for calling him a dictator. I'm tweeting the whole school to walk out of all classes at 2pm. Prepare to get 'Iraned,' bitch."

Political: "Hugo Chavez has jailed my uncle for the last motherf***ing time! Make a facebook event so we can Iran it on campus Saturday!"
by Iraning-it July 25, 2009
Iran is a country that has been changed after the revolution to a religious contry, and thats great, Iran is free from corruption and the stupid western ideas it used to have before the revolution. Iran is a country thats growing in every field, it has amazingly skilled people in every thing. Iran is the only country that US cant attack, and if it does, it will be the begining of the end of the USA. Iran is a country that has faith and power, Iran is a country that doesnt beg and follow other countries, but it follows its own judgment and analyses everything. Iran is the country of scholars and peace, may god give Iran the best future and power.
Example of western Ideas: discos and bars everywhere, now this is accepptable in the west and no one has the right to say anything, but for hte middle east its not, we all have to respect each others faith and thats good.

Example of not begging to and being a follower of US: unlike some or lets say most, or even al larab countries, Iran doesnt just say YES SIR to america, but says, hell with you if your wrong, thats good =P, haha.
by mossawi May 18, 2006
When a person of Middle-Eastern descent works in construction.
I saw Xavier Faja working on the plans for the new freedom tower, how iranic....
by P. VandenBerg July 16, 2008
Next stop on the Bush/Cheney war bus.
Want to see the future? Take any speech about foreign policy Bush made in late 2002/early 2003 and replace "Iraq" with "Iran".
by Squid Wrangler May 13, 2005
A beautiful country in the Middle-East and is not nothing like Iraq, though a lot of people think it is a desert.
Not a good place to drink beer or get laid by hott bitches, but definitely a nice place to own a salon and cut peoples unibrows off.
People from Iran are often called towelheads, but they are not arab.
The Iranian boy was called a towelhead and told that he should go back to Iraq. He replied to this racist comment by saying "Shut up you stupid piece of poop, before I attack you with my super unibrow!
by Manee November 3, 2005
Another new product from Apple, the iRan are a set of shoes that hace built in speakers, so you can plug in your iPod to your new kicks, and blast your favorite music while you jog.
"Dude, did you hear about that new Apple product, the iRan?"
"Yeah, its totally worthless..."
by Assassin Phone Inc. June 14, 2008