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Things that the rich kids use to torture the middle-lower class.
Invisalign man: Man, I enjoy being able to take off these Invisalign whenever I want...And the best thing is nobody even notices them!
Braces man:Do I gotta choke a bitch!?
by G Swizzy Gets Busy June 10, 2010
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Invisible braces for semi-messed up teeth. Used by dentists to raise one's hopes before crushing them by telling you that you're getting metal anyway. Each is personally sculpted using picures, x-rays, and bad-tasting gel used to make moldings of your mouth. In other words, if you even need braces, you won't be wearing these. Sorry. Things just suck that way:{(
Hey man! I'm getting my invisalign braces next week!
Good for you john...
(3 weeks later)
Hey man, guess what? I'm getting invisalign too!
stfu creature...
by Nanomachiner August 17, 2008
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