A feeling of hopelessness, dread, insecurity, envy and hatred felt when you see a lifestyle you know you will never live, a beautiful girl you know would never look your way, or an attractive person you know you will never look like.

Different from envy in the sense that invidiance is accompanied by an overwhelming wave of depression and self hatred and usually physically manifests as your stomach turning or aching.
“When I see her walking with that guy who is significantly more attractive than me, I feel a sense of invidiance. I feel sick, sad and hateful towards myself and others.”
by Jonathan Gunkus March 2, 2023
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a, alternate front-end to youtube that isn't blocked by a lot of web blockers (including GoGuardian) and doesn't have any annoying ads, it is very epic
invidio.xamh.de is le epic website
yea invidious is pog
by Average High School Student February 16, 2022
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