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Internetual: anything reffering or pertaining to the internet.

Usually used as an adjective to describe a noun.
Example 1: Internetual culture
Example 2: Internetual habbits
Example 3: Internetual sex
Example 1:
Arcangel: Dude, I met this hawt girl online. Shes bosnian too.
JaJa: Wow, your such a noob. Probally met her on wow you sexual predator.
Arcangel: Nooo, it was on a lesbian chat room. I showed her my thingy and she showed me hers. She was very sexual enducing.
JaJa: I voted for no underage Internetual Sex. You queerdo, thats just wrong.

Example 2:
Det. Stabler: Olivia we gotta crack this mofo down, I heard he's an internetual sex predator.
Det. Benson: Oh noes, call a hacker team to the scene of the crime and have them do a search for him
Det. Stabler: For that, we need his alias.
Det. Benson: His alias is "ArcAngel99"
Det. Stabler: Got it, thanks.
by Rodolfo S.J, September 11, 2006
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(n) a person who an an encyclopedic knowledge of all matters relating to online media but is interlectually average on all other topics.
Did you hear Charles' original and insightful speech at the Facebook conference? I was so goddam impressed.' 'I wouldn't be. The guy is an internetual, so although he knows pretty much everything about social media, if you want to discuss any other subject with him, you are likely to be very disappointed.
by Clarebear81 June 20, 2011
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