Misspelling of the word intelligent.
Since you're here, good job misspelling intelligent.
U guyz, im totally gonna go see if i spelt intellegent right on urbandictionary!

by Intellegent Person March 18, 2008
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A female that is intelligent and elegant.
Friend 1: Tiffany is incredibly smart, and exhibits a refined, tasteful beauty.

Friend 2: I know, it's nearly impossible to find intellegant women these days.
by rcourt529 April 06, 2015
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Noud: A higher form of knowlege and thought, a term usually used in place of intelligence, on the internet.
I have reached a higher form of intellegence, after reading that post.
by Apoch Ghost January 27, 2019
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a type of special FX light that moves and scans patterns when activated by sound. The movement is controlled by a programmed scheme done by the factory, at random, or entered by the user.
THE DJ has intellegent lights up in the lighting rack.
by dj scrizzle July 07, 2003
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The act of passing and instilling knowledge to a uneducated recipient. The act is continued until the uneducated becomes educated or intellegized.
The purpose of this event is to intellegize young men on the importance of safe sex.
by The Lecturer July 20, 2011
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