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A person who is white on the outside but is black on the inside. Often acting

black or like a ganster and often using the words ratchet and weave. NOT WHITE

Hailey- Raping to ghetto music and acting ratchet

Tiana and Sam- "Hailey why are you such a inside out Oreo?"
Sam- "Hailey you're are more black then Tiana and she is actually black"
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
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A complete cracker! They are white and think that they are black, regardless of how many black people beat them up. They like to β€˜roll’ with them gangstas and claim to be pimps and have hoes. They wear baggy ass pants and listen to all rap. Usually they buy clothes that only black people wear and have their pants sagging low showing most likely some fugly boxers. When they talk they either sound like weird hicks or like a cracker. Opposite of an Oreo, a black person being white, they try their hardest to be black. But it doesn’t work usually getting them made fun of or beat up.
Kid: Dude you know you're white right?
Dylan: Naw homie g, it ain't even like dat.
Kid: What the fuck in god's good name did you just say?
Dylan: Homes, ya gots ta chill. *pants sag down showing fugly boxers* Dats just how I roll with my niggs ya heard?!
Kid: You are such an INSIDE OUT OREO! *runs away not able to take any more*

Foo I ain't no Inside out Mutha Fuckin Oreo! Stop runnin yoh mouf!
by Smexie Emo November 11, 2006
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when theres two white dudes fucking a black chick (or black guy) So one dude gets the pussy and the other gets the asshole. Or the mouth. Its like white on the outside black on the inside.
We had a inside out oreo on that sexy jungle woman.
by sparky-214 July 30, 2007
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A person who is white on the outside, and is black in the inside. also known as a gangster wanabee.
Who ever likes 50cent is a inside out oreo.

Shut the fuck up u inside out oreo u aint shit
by Yadadamean July 27, 2006
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"Ohhhh black on the inside and white on the outside like Annie fucking McDaniel?"
"Yeaaaah I'm an Inside-out Oreo homie"
by Homieeee December 05, 2013
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