Relating or pertaining to insects, e.g. ants, bees, spiders, etc.; directly correlating with arthropods.
"The derelict metro station was inflicted by an insectual infestation."

Xavier couldn't abstain from verbally acknowledging the biologist's blatant infatuation with insectual beings, during their interview.
by 𝐸 = 𝓂𝒸² September 16, 2018
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Insects have been around for a much longer time than humans. Insects such as ants and bees are so-called social species; as are humans. An ants nest is highly organized most often with the Queen only producing progeny. Since mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is only passed down through the female line, the mtDNA has therefore been fixed. The hierarchical nature of the ants in the nest and the differences between the various levels from Queen to the lowest worker has been gradually fixed over a long period of time. An external biological determinant effected this system to mould the species to best suit needs. In ants, the biological determinant is linked to the fungus that the ant farms in the centre of the nest, the question arises whether the ants' behaviour is being controlled by the fungus or could this be considered a case of mutual symbiosis; the ant farms the fungus, the fungus controls the behaviour of the ants to tend to it? In humans, the external biological determinant would appear to also be a fungus. The end point for social species that have evolved over a long period of evolutionary time is clear to see in insects. In evolutionary terms, humans have been around for the blink of an eye.
1. The empire was created by insectualization. The most efficient means of insectualization was by nepotism, providing credit at 0% finance to friends and family, while charging exorbitant interest rates to the lowest workers. A neofeudalist totalitarian system will result from systems such as central planning, financialization, etc. with most of the population being born into a system of indebted servitude.
2. Insectualization of human beings is being brought about by money in imperceptibly small steps over a long period of time but in a relatively short amount of time compared to insects to where insectualization has already occurred.
3. The most effective means for insectualization is the system that we refer to as money. Money is linked to power, control, sex as candida is a sexually transmitted disease.
by Option 22 May 9, 2020
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The Covidiots Guide to Insectualization is dark magic slowly revealing that mutations linked to the process of insectualization are present in victims of the annual seasonal viral culling.
The Covidiots Guide to Insectualization

The fungus mutates the host to suit itself. Some of these mutations leave the host susceptible to cytokine storm.

Chapter 1: Type 1 interferon pathway.
Chapter 2: Interleukin 33.

Billy GG: Why so few flu deaths?
Faust: Rona.
Billy GG: Why more than normal?
Faust: New normal. Seeding.

Faust: Do you realize what causes flaming lips?
Billy GG: T.H.R.U.S.H.?

Faust: The same procedure as last year?
Billy GG: The same procedure as every year.

Nostradamus: 2021. Order ab chao.
by Option 22 October 30, 2020
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