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(noun); informal

1. a person of any race, sex, nationality, age, or stature/weight.
"'What a lad,' said Satan, as he ass-blasted Earth into oblivion."

"Me, my lad, and I all have penisesโ€”except for my lad: they're a female."
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1. an exclusive time period in which adolescents and children under the age of 18 perpetually live during, wherein the dystopian tribes 'PewDiePie' and 'T-Series,' fight a never-ending battle to obtain more animalistic followers than one another.
"The kids wouldn't stop rambling on about World War III during their free time."
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Relating or pertaining to insects, e.g. ants, bees, spiders, etc.; directly correlating with arthropods.
"The derelict metro station was inflicted by an insectual infestation."

Xavier couldn't abstain from verbally acknowledging the biologist's blatant infatuation with insectual beings, during their interview.
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1. a method of saying "fuck you" to someone in a low-key manner, to ensure nobody else understands the comment except for you and the person spoken to.
"'I told Leinad, 'You have a mustache' in passing during conversation yesterday.'"
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1. an ideal quantity of North American currency, suitable for purchasing a particular set of three items.
"I saw my mother's credit card balance...it was $138."
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