Medical slang for a severe immune reaction in which the body generates an over production of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines) and releases them into the blood too rapidly. A cytokine storm is on the opposite end of the spectrum from an under active response by the immune system.

Treatments during a COVID-19 pandemic may be very different depending on one's body's response, especially since some of the most vulnerable over respond with a cytokine storm or under respond because of a hypo immune disorder. So before taking fish tank cleaner you need to be able to get a professional to tell the difference between a cytokine storm and a hypo immune disorder, and get your medicine prescription from a read medical doctor and pharmacy vs politician-pet store.

A cytokine storm is typically activated by an infection, dysfunctional autoimmune conditions, and/or disease. Symptoms include severe fever, nausea, headache, inflammation (eg rash - redness/swelling), rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, trouble breathing , and fatigue. In a mild cytokine storm the response may be temporary but a severe storm may cause multiple organ failure.

A severe cytokine storm is also know as hypercytokinemia.
The problem of a cytokine storm is compounded such as the response to the flu when lung inflammation caused by the rapid response of the immune system and fluid buildup lead to respiratory distress, especially when contaminated by a secondary bacterial such as pneumonia.
by mlhiss April 9, 2020
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