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1) To wield your vast knowledge in such as way as to utterly pwn cocky, ignorant n00bs.
2) To give someone information to the point that is above and beyond what was expected, sometimes resulting in a response bordering a "War and Peace Novel".
3) A term coined by the members of a popular overclocking website in response to posts made by a member named TheInformationator.
Example #1:
N00B - "UR using a air heatsink? Watercooling pwns you all nubS! I got 40C Load! Suck it!"
TheInformationator - "To the contrary, the best aircoolers are actually just as efficient, if not more efficient than watercooling. This has to do with ambient temperatures and heat dissipation rates. If nothing more, they're less of a hassle. However, after modding my Big Typhoon, I get 38C Load, and that's after OCing my Opteron from 2.2Ghz to 2.8Ghz."

Example #2:
Newbie - "Isn't higher Ghz always better in a processor?"
TheInformationator - "Actually, while Ghz does play some ultimate role in the performance of a CPU, the operations that a CPU does per clock cycle also play a part. Thus, if a CPU does 9 operations per clock cycle at 1.0Ghz, it is comparable to a CPU doing 6 operations per clock cycle at 1.5Ghz. This is why, for a long time, AMD processors with lower clock rates than Intel processors still managed to have higher performance."

Example #3:
MemberOne: (Insert incorrect statement)
TheInformationator: (Insert informative post)
MemberTwo: "Informationated!"
by TheInformationator April 16, 2007
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