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the act of inserting two fingers into the vagina and two fingers in the butt hole. it is a sister to the shocker by including the ring finger. gets its name because it lights girls butt holes on fire. two in the pink just as many in the stink.
forget the shocker i want the inferno

set my butt hole on fire!!!
by sex moves of tomorrow May 18, 2010
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Cheesy, sweaty, sleazy London based club with beautiful carpet and astonishing disco balls.
ha, James must have had beer-goggles in Infernos yesterday. He pulled the ultimate minger.
by Yogalates April 6, 2005
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An extreme form of pessimism, see nihilism.

Believers in Infernoism see everything as pointless and doomed to failure, especially the endeavors of people from the believer's own culture.

Because the Infernoist is a self-loather, he/she projects that hatred onto members of their own race, and sees others as vastly superior.
(@Inferno) EU has good colors.

(@Inferno) But you know the NA players are trash.
by ubuntu July 24, 2005
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a feeling after butt-secks
by Matt January 10, 2004
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Quite possibly one of the most influential books in an entire era. Dante Aligheri is the author of The Inferno which is an epic story of how Dante crosses the nine circles of hell. The poetic form is what is currently known as a tursa rema. Dante himself was the first writer who entered Europe into the Renaissance because of his reforms in writing and his general genius and influence over an entire continent.
"Through me the way is to the city dolent; Through me the way is to eternal dole; Through me the way among the people lost. Justice incited my sublime Creator; Created me divine Omnipotence, The highest Wisdom and the primal Love. Before me there were no created things, Only Eterne, and I eternal last. All hope abandon, ye who enter in!"
-Inscription of the gates of hell Canto III
by Dante Alighieri August 24, 2005
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The act of surprising that special someone by setting your dick on fire and continuing to fuck the shit out of them like they're a bear and you're Washington. Make sure you punch them during.
I Cherno Inferno'd all over that broad, it was pretty good I guess. She didn't seem to wanna talk after though, she kind of just left with the fire department.
by Goodburger VI July 25, 2008
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