1. Not able to be described with words.
2. Not sexually desirable.
Yo mama so ineffable.
by SaucyMcMuffin October 01, 2014
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The ship name between Crowley and Aziraphale from the book and Amazon Prime show, “Good Omens.”
“The ineffable husbands may not say it but they definitely love each other”

Ineffable husbands are actually canon
by Panicking!AtTheBathroom July 14, 2019
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Ship name between the archangel fucking Gabriel and Lord Beelzebub from the Amazon Prime show and book, Good Omens
"Ineffable Bureaucracy and Ineffable Husbands are the two best ships in Good Omens!"
by fairlyaround November 29, 2019
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When you are making out with a girl, but she clearly doesnt want sex, you pull the Ineffable Subterfuge. You turn away, put some E in your mouth throw her head back and continue.
I tried The Ineffable Subterfuge but she noticed and kicked me in the balls.
by Ya Boy Sc00by May 11, 2009
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