Crowley's angel husband and a hirable magician for birthday parties
"Who were those dudes with friggin wings?" "Oh that's just Aziraphale and his demon husband"
by WrenofWyverns June 12, 2019
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Aziraphale is a principality and he was to protect the eastern gate of Eden. He's a soft angel who's been around for 6000 years, and he is in love with a certain demon. He helped save the earth. He is pure bastard and enjoys food, his books, and Crowley.
person A: I just can't even over Aziraphale. He is so cute!
person B: Oh yes, i wish i could hug him in real life!!
by squingkles February 10, 2020
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Breaking news: local wholesome angel boi is gay for snake demon man, and we're all here for it.

Co-star of the show Good Omens in which two gays misplace the antichrist, and also is a fantastic magician.
Anyone: Who's the best Good Omens charac-
Me: Aziraphale and you can't prove me wrong.
by yourlocalcrisis July 16, 2021
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