(adj.) A person who's visual style or portrayal goes against that of the norm. They are a rogue visualist. Usually used in referring to sub-culture or sub-genre artists and designers.
Monsieur Z is a contemporary indivisual illustrator who's style has been widely copied from the pages of Wallpaper* Magazine.
by deedee9:14 August 25, 2005
(adj.) Expressing one's invididual self and personal identity through the aesthetic of their style and corresponding design of their online persona.

(n.) advertisement or marketing aimed at creating a "personal" identity for a person or corporation.
"Carl's website is really indivisually tailored to who he is as a person, the plaid background even matches the flannel shirts he is so well known for!"

"The indivisual nature of Budweiser's ad's is aimed to be all-American."

"Have you noticed how evil corporations have such smiley indivisuals?"
by Lorca80 December 5, 2012
A person that has not found out there purpose in life yet.
Most people know what they want to be when they are young, but I have not yet. I guess I am an indivisual.
by Sirron555 May 27, 2011
adj. something about a person that is distinctly visual
Look at Devika in that neon orange jumpsuit, with the striking floral headgear!! The way she dresses is so indivisual!
by s8r5y February 11, 2017