A girl that don't give two fucks but is super sweet and dresses more or less like a hobo, hair is usually wavy and is hungry 24/7.
Is that India, better hide your mans.
by Haeyfa October 09, 2017
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India is a very smart and ambitious woman. She’s very strong minded and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Do her wrong and she will do you wrong ten times worse. She may look nice but she can be the most feistiest female on this Planet. Her smile is bigger than the universe itself. She’s the goofiest person you’ve ever met. And so what if she not girly? She has a great personality, great style, and is fun to talk to. Watch out she’s a sneaker head! She’s very caring. She knows how to love a good man. Someday she will make a good mother and wife.
Wow my girlfriend ,India, is the best
by Lighterthanlight February 18, 2021
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The baddest bitch you will ever see, shes popular, and you may have seen her on instagram, and she is very positive and kind. She also will go from 0 to a 100 real quick, so watch your back. But other than that shes amazing.
John:"i needed someone to talk to so i called india"
by Iniyzah July 03, 2016
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A fine girl, She beautiful, Loyal,

She mean and she don't care what a bitch say bout her cause at the end of the day India gone be India.
Beautiful , Fine, Mean and she have a big booty
by Dhjnnnk April 26, 2017
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india is a kind and caring friend she always knows how to cheer you up and she always has something to say there is never a dull moment when your around her. your lucky to have a friend called india or a girlfriend. she will crack it if you do something to hurt her but she will push that aside if you need her. her smile is the brightest and will always make you smile. keep your india safe and happy and make sure you care for her.
person 1: are you good
person 2: yea i just talked to a india and she helped me and gave me some advice.
by charlatte17 April 30, 2018
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