Just like India a girl name india is one of a kind she is a tall beautiful amazing girl with amazing curly hair who brings a smile to my face just from seeing her name a girl that makes my heart skip a beat when i see her or hear someone say her name shes the sweetest girl but dont mess with her because shell turn sour real quick shes funny a little slow but what can i say shes my princess and i love her to the death of me
Shes so india unique oneofakind
by Yourlove20 July 14, 2014
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yes, india is the second most populated country. Yes, it's one of the developing countries....ever wonder how it got to that place?...its because of those british asswipes who ruled over india for 100's of years, they basically destroyed its economy and was never restored. but according to facts, india is developing and rapidly and in the future it maybe ever more powerful than the united states (fact)...just because indians worship cows and respect other animals, dont mean that they are loosers. one of the deffinitions mentioned that indians drink cow urine. that was because some crazy scientist said that it cures cancer...WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DRINK PEE!!!PPL WERE MISSLEAD...and also about those dots that we were on our foreheads, they are only worn on special occasions...PPL DISSING INDIA ARE FREAKIN JEALOUS BECAUSE INDIA IS FILLED WITH SMART PEOPLE AND ARE TAKIN AWAY ALL THE JOBS FROM AMERICA AND CANADA...WELL ITS NOT INDIAS FAULT THAT ITS A BETTER COUNTRY.
people need to get a life and stop dissing other countries, such as india
by -xox-tinkerbell-xox- April 17, 2006
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India is definitely a shy, beautiful girl, but cool and funny on the inside. Try not to misjudge India, she is not what you think. India will be herself no matter who says what about her. Very friendly, very smart, and clever. India stays true to herself and others. India is a real gift to the world. I bet god enjoyed creating this angel to be....
India will be a true woman, no one can change who she is inside. That's what make India's special.
by KayleeTooCute💝 December 22, 2016
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Pretty girl with a nice smile. Don't make her mad or she will fucking kill you. Creative and anxious, she gets bored with people easily. Dating her is a blessing and a curse.
Guy: Damn who's that girl over there? She's something....
Girl: Btch stfu, you know that's India. I saw u making eyes at her Brad! This is why our marriage is failing!
by WatDaFork June 21, 2017
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India is the sort of person that can’t stand people that are rude and will fight back if she angry.
India is a very pretty girl with a good personality and is very good to be around.if your true friends with and India keep them close because if you loose them then she’s lost forever.
India is usually a very good girlfriend and is loyal and loving, she wants the best for you and nothing else. Although she can get jealous it’s only because she is scared to loose her lives ones.
Boy: I was on the phone with India for ages and she is so pretty

Other boy: i want to be friends with and India
by Purplebannana November 01, 2018
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