Indefinite pitch is used as a musical term. Definite pitch is meaning instruments with diferent sounds and pitches while indefinite pitch is meaning one sound played only.
The drum has a indefinite pitch while the piano has a definite pitch.😆
by Vanessavampire12 October 27, 2017
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A fancy term for 'break up'. Bands use it to think it will soften the blow on their fans, when they infact know the harsh truth.

Can also be used when you don't believe anything will ever get done
Ex. 1: Blink.182 and Sleater-Kinney say they're on 'indefinite hiatus', but everyone knows they've broken up...

Ex. 2: Pete Wentz says that Release The Bats 2 has been put on 'indefinite hiatus'. He might as well say it's never going to be released.
by Yukari July 13, 2006
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To indefinitely borrow something would be to borrow something without any intention of ever returning it back.
Mark is a such a dick. He indefinitely borrowed my pipe and I doubt he will ever return it. Fuck Mark.
by Halcyon Halcyon February 12, 2017
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like Wot blink 182 are on.
Blink-182 have announced an 'indefinite hiatus'
by huge blink fan February 24, 2005
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Not definite. Undefined. Ambiguous. Not clear or understandable. Incomprehensible.
Indefinite period of time is an arbitrary length of time with no clear beginning or end. Could be eternal.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 16, 2018
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without doubt (used for emphasis). Inner side of a person, object or thing
for sure
without/beyond doubt
without/beyond question
beyond any doubt
absolutely in a definite manner; clearly.
inner side of something.
inner part
the inner part; the interior.
situated in, or derived from, the inside.
Setting: (nightlife in a bar)

Guy walks up to a girl in a bar....
Guy: "Do you know when I am indefinitely?"


Guy:"When my balls are smackin you, in the ass! That's when I know, I am IN DEFINITLY"!

GIRL: "Do you know when YOUR indefinitely?"


GIRL:"When your balls are smackin me, in the my ass! That's when I know, your IN DEFINITLY"!

Pick up line that works to both his & hers advantage.
by PeepeeCheek September 22, 2020
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