adj. Gay and ready for rectal plowing.
Cam is incongruous. Men have formed an orderly line outside his door, waiting for their crack at his crack.
by Pappa Hymen May 30, 2008
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a disconnect between the way a girl looks and the way she acts.
Vickie's good looks totally incongruent with her bad girl attitude.
by Copperwy April 8, 2017
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Obtained from a non-swear insult generator, an incongruous pumpkin seed is someone that doesn't fit in due to being small and wide. Like a pumpkin seed.
Me: "You're such an incongruous pumpkin seed."
Incongruous Pumpkin Seed: "That's not true! My mother says I am very congruent..."
by NotSnappo August 1, 2022
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