Term used for describing untimely or inappropriate behavior.
T: I laughed at that funeral yesterday.
N: That was for my mom. How inapropro.
by Titty NipNip November 8, 2011
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very inappropriate. "inapropro" is used by people with low IQ's.
Girl 1: God, that guy was so inapropro.
Girl 2: Yeah, he was a perv.
by DerbyCheekyMonkey September 13, 2008
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Totally inappropriate

originated on Etgar 36 2008. Commonly used when seeing pda, or jokingly such as when vulgarity is used in a religious place
hannah: did you see those two hooking up?
nathaniel: yeah it was totz inapropro

shelby: SHIT i stubbed my toe!
annica: thats totz inapropro! we're at a church!
by etgar08 August 8, 2008
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