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Short term for "incoming", used in online gaming (specifically, MMORPG) to state that enemy monsters or players are incoming.
"Get Ready! Bandits inc!"
by Sliv May 08, 2003
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1. (noun) An abbreviation for stimulus check

2. (verb; stimmied) to get fucked by your government
Me and my homies are going to use our stimmys on guillotines and oreos. Too bad we can’t afford the milk
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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Invisible New Car Syndrome. The state of invisibility experienced in a new vehicle for approximatly two months post purchase. During that time other drivers are unable to see you in your new car and will make every effort to run you off the road, swerve into your lane, or park within a quarter of an inch.
I went to the store and the INCS hasn't worn off. Two trucks and a richshaw pushed me into the curb.
by Road Tranquility April 29, 2011
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Not only does the Cheeto suffer from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) but also INCS, which dovetails perfectly with his statement in 2015 that he doesn't think he's emotionally changed since he was six years old and is displayed almost daily.
by Linusx August 03, 2019
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Short for Iglesia Ni Cristo, or Church of Christ in Filipino. A Christian religion claiming to be the re-emergence of the only true Church that Jesus founded. Coincidentally, it was re-established at the outbreak of WWI on July 27, 1914 matching prophecies in the Bible.
INC for life. Are you INC, are you Iglesia? (Meaning: "Are you a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo?")
by Taz4INC January 13, 2007
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An abreviation used in fan fiction warnings or erotica which means incest
Fred and George stories on are inc stories!

James finds inc stories hot
by Twisted Chick September 17, 2006
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