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abbreviation for incorporated
Dope stars Inc.
by David!!!??? July 15, 2009

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asphyxia caused by intentionally strangling oneself (or holding there breath) while masturbating in order to intensify the orgasm through reduced oxygen flow to the brain. (can become lightheaded and feel of faint.
my girl was choking my chicken and she thought i was in autoerotic asphyxia and i nearly passed out
by David!!!??? March 21, 2008

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A term for pounds.
She weighed around 85lbs when she stepped on the scale.
by David!!!??? June 25, 2009

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Opposite of Goodbye.
Mary: Have to go jeff see you later, good bye.

Jeff: . . .

Mary: jeff say goodbye.

Jeff: ...badhi.

Mary: lol.

<Conversation continues>
by David!!!??? August 23, 2009

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acronym for "Laughing My Ass Off While Cumming All Over Myself"
lmaowcaom!!!! and im outta tissues. =(
by David!!!??? January 13, 2008

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