"Lavender Haze" appeared in a poem by Cecil Choi titled "Sleeping Bags", which was published in The Main Review, Vol. 7, No. 3 in September 2021.

The Main Review introduces Choi as a queer, trans, and disabled person of color who enjoys exploring the intersections of their identities in their work.

You can find the poem in its entirety on The Main Review's website.
Lines 3-7 of "sleeping bags" (mentioning lavender haze)

so we listen to the gossamer touch
of our feet on the linoleum floor
echo like a shared secret
and we step out into the lavender
haze of 2 AM.
by m1dn1ghts October 9, 2022
The confusing, exciting, and all-consuming state of mind for a queer person (esp. women/sapphics) right before they realize they are gay/come out to themselves. Usually triggered by falling for someone of the same sex, or beginning to feel attraction to the same sex and slowly coming to terms with their sexuality as a result.
Yeah, I was really going through the lavender haze after meeting Julie and wanting to spend EVERY day with her. Took me a minute to realize I was too in love to think straight!
by countrywesternboots October 10, 2022
Lavender haze = Being in love
Also: Track 1 of Taylor Swift's 10th album Midnights that's about to be released soon
The song about her mentioning her 6yr relationship with Joe Alwyn😍💜
Swifties are going crazy after hearing about Lavender haze!!
by Swiftie_Yarrow October 7, 2022
a indaka weed known to put your ass to sleep. Why do i know this because it put my ass to sleep!!!!!
we smoked some lavender haze and got put straight to sleep. Damn Dogg that lavender haze put your punk ass out.
by Rambo bitch May 1, 2007