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The confusing, exciting, and all-consuming state of mind for a queer person (esp. women/sapphics) right before they realize they are gay/come out to themselves. Usually triggered by falling for someone of the same sex, or beginning to feel attraction to the same sex and slowly coming to terms with their sexuality as a result.
Yeah, I was really going through the lavender haze after meeting Julie and wanting to spend EVERY day with her. Took me a minute to realize I was too in love to think straight!
by countrywesternboots October 10, 2022
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Someone with King Baby Syndrome thinks of themselves as the center of the universe. They are “kings” in the sense that they are narcissistic and boss others around.

They are also “babies” in the sense that they long for immediate gratification. An infant or toddler can expect others to meet their needs quickly. A baby expects instant gratification.

If a man or woman has “King Baby” or “Queen Baby” syndrome, then they see others the way a toddler sees their parents.

It is what they want that matters, and they expect their wants to be taken care of right away without effort.
"She married a real King Baby and now she's about to have her own child."
by countrywesternboots March 31, 2023
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