Being In Love is so much more different than just loving them.

You know you’re falling in love when all you think about is them. And when you’re finally in love, it’s the most magical feeling ever. Because when you’re in love, you first have to start falling in love with them.

Being in love is constantly think about this person. Checking to see their name pop up on your phone. Day dreaming about them. Finding any little detail that remind you of them.

You turn songs into meaning because they remind you of them. And when you listen to the songs and remember all those past memories, those memories that bring you so much joy. And you’re listening to the song and your heart is pounding so loud. And you can barley breathe because the memories make you so happy and excited.

And when your heart melts at seeing their face or hearing their voice. Or even seeing or hearing their name.

And every single morning when you wake up and go to sleep, they are your first and last thought of that day.

That’s being in love.
Ex 1 :

Person A : So do you love them?

Person B: No, I’m in love with them
Person A: Woah, like IN love?
Person B: Yea..

Ex 2 :

Person A : I think I’m in love with you

Person B: I-I think I’m IN love with you too
by stupidfrootloop May 30, 2021
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harries when they see harry
“hey did you see that new set picture of harry?”
“yes omg i’m so in love with him”
by harry is the loml April 01, 2021
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you’d do anything for that one person. u’d hate to even imagine the thought of her/him with somebody else. hell u’d do anything for them just to see them smile... and when they do smile... nothing in the world matters but them and all u can think about is how u want to spend the rest of your life with them. U hope that things work out. they make you feel things that no one else has ever been able to. sure you may have liked other people but when it comes to themselves - you’re madly in love with them. everytime u talk to them all u want is to just keep talking to them over and over again. u want to hold that person in your arms forever and sometimes u think about the future and wonder if u will still be together in hope that u are. u would put that person before anyone else and seeing them be sad breaks your heart bc all u want is for them to be happy bc they deserve to be happy and loved only. each day you wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is them. when u see them smile it’s like the whole world just pauses for a second and all that matters is her/him and u think about willing to do everything in your power to keep them happy and safe. losing them would probably break u and make u go crazy and just thinking it makes you feel like it’s going to happen soon but your still trying to let yourself be happy even though it’s hard sometimes.. if you ever find somebody who you think is worth it, never let that person go no matter what. Keep them in your life
her: “I’m in love with you”

them: “I’m in love with you too.”
by floralpatterns May 03, 2020
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Are you in love?
Do you feel it in your stomach?
Does it twist, and turn, and scream, and burn
And start to make you cry, but you like it?

Don't want to let it slip away
Does it stretch into your throat
Until you don’t know what to say?
Does it hold you under its pillow in the night?
It kills you with its passion
And its endless beam of light

When you see yourself
In the future, frail and gray
Who do you want beside you
When you wake to start your day?
Yeah, it's extreme
I know what you're going to say
I’m being too dramatic
But this feeling feels this way

Are you in love?
Do you feel it in your spine?
Shaking, waking, tearing, breaking
Taking its sweet time
But you want it, yeah
You need it just to breathe
You're never sure of what trick
It's pulling from its sleeve

If you said yes
To all the things above
Then yes, my friend, I'm sorry
It appears you are in love
by The_regrettes August 08, 2019
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To be so infatuated with someone and to only want happiness for them. Not being able to describe how much they mean to you because their are no words to describe it. You only think about them all day every day, they are the person that makes you happy and makes you smile day by day. Every time your heart beats you just love them more and when you look at them it’s like you’re seeing them for the first time and you fall in love with them all over again.
by STOOPIDFISH September 22, 2019
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