It would be used for a streamer to talk about TOS things without facing the consequences
I just stole this shirt. In gta tho
by 21shotzzz May 8, 2022
1. (Abbreviation) Grand Theft Auto, a crime which involves the stealing of vehicles.
2. (Abbreviation) Grand Theft Auto, a video game in which you play as a law breaker.
3. (Abbreviation) Grab That Ass, what you are thinking when you see that hot girl.
1. Did you hear about Henry? He just convicted for GTA.
2. Were you at the midnight release for GTA V?
3. Damn! Did you see that chick? I so want to GTA!
by Nah I'm Cool November 18, 2013
Grand Theft Auto. The crime, not originally the video game series. Popularized by NWA.
Rolls down the window and he starts to say "it's all about making that G.T.A."
-NWA, "Boyz in the Hood"
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 7, 2003
1. A crime involving vehicle theft, Grand theft Auto

2. A popular crime-simulation based video game, revoloving around the theft of cars, and turning your character into a crime load, by doing various missions.
1. Did yo hear about Paul? He got convicted on GTA.

2. I'm soo tired, I stayed up all night playing GTA
by Kevin Ebert November 16, 2003
1) Grand theft auto, an awesome game that’s now being rated AO because of jack Thompson (lawyer/ambulance chaser) who thinks all games with the slightest bit of wrong content should be outlawed. Grand Theft Auto is mostly based around car theft and doing dirty work for others while looking out for yourself. it’s the one game that awed everyone on its release of GTA 3 which left a mark in gaming history.
2) Greater Toronto area
if only the game GTA was based in the greater toronto area...
by Colin E August 1, 2005
1. GTA = Grand Theft Auto, A crime and a game.

2. GTA = Greater Toronto Area, the city Toronto and the area surrounding it (Halton, Peel, York, and Durham)
Me and my boys got busted last week in the GTA(2)for GTA(1)
by Jordan May 21, 2006