A phrase used by Jehovah’s Witnesses to refer to the state of being a Jehovah’s Witness (JW). It is based on the assumption that the JW faith is the one true religion and is the only one that teaches “the truth.”

Synonyms: One of us, baptized, in good standing

Antonyms: Disfellowshipped, apostate, out of the truth (or simply “out”), worldly people
Example 1
JW 1: “How long have you been in the truth?”
JW 2: “My whole life, I was raised in the truth.”

Example 2
JW 1: “Is Roger still in the truth? I saw him hanging out with some worldly people.”
JW 2: “Oh no, he’s out. He got disfellowshipped for knocking up his girlfriend.”
by JW Terms October 13, 2018
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A game which is played over mobiles mostly. In which people ask each other questions like truth or dare but with no dares.
eg. Guy Texts Girl-"Lets play Truth or truth? :)"
Girl Texts Guy Back-"Yeahr Sure ^.^"
Guy Texts Girl Back-"Kay, You ask the questions first"
by D___D* August 17, 2008
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When one does the opposite of telling lies.
When a person is not Lying, the person is truthing .
by Oxxy_Montalvy October 28, 2016
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Joe: "Yo dude, did you smack that chick for lying to you about her cell being lost?"
Nick: "No man, I couldn't. She was truthing it. I called up Verizon and checked up on her ass."
by stockman09 August 13, 2007
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when two people ask each other questions and the other must answer truthfully
a:wanna play truths
b:yeah you start

a: okay do you wanna go on a date

b: um okay
by eizzacraiig August 20, 2015
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