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Depending on the context, “JW” may be short for:

1. Jehovah’s Witness: see JWfacts.com

2. Just wondering: commonly used in online forums immediately preceding or immediately after asking a question, often to justify the question itself

3. Joss Whedon: American screenwriter. Has a cult following due to his early acting career in Star Trek Next Gen, and subsequent cameos throughout American pop-culture

4. Jungle Warfare: techniques used by the military to survive and fight in the jungle

5. Junior Warden: position in the Masonic Lodge or the Anglican Church

6. Johnny Walker Scotch
“JW, are you a JW?”
by JW Terms October 13, 2018
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Used to describe a new convert of the Jehovah’s Witness religion (see definition for “in the Truth”).

Witnesses will often use the phrase to alert each other of a new member so that everyone knows they need to be on their best behavior.
by JW Terms November 17, 2018
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To leave or to be ejected from the Jehovah’s Witness religion (see in The Truth).

Although the word “leave” implies purposeful action, the phrase “leave the truth” most commonly refers to people whom were disfellowshipped against their will (see disfellowshipping). This reflects the attitude that when a person is disfellowshipped, it is their own fault.
If you leave the Truth, we can’t be friends anymore.
by JW Terms October 21, 2018
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The state of no longer being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Short for the phrase “out of The Truth.”

The phrase could refer to someone that has been disfellowshipped, has been reproved, has been branded an apostate, or has publically disassociated themselves; however, it could also refer to someone that is technically still one of Jehovah’s Witnesses but was able to fade from the religion with receiving any official punishment for doing so.
I can’t believe you’re out. You’re the last person I thought would leave The Truth.
by JW Terms November 17, 2018
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In the Jehovah’s Witness (JW) religion:

Any baptized JW who openly disagrees with or speaks out against either the JW religion or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTBTS).

Apostates are considered dangerous “followers of Satan” and are therefore shunned.
JW1: I haven’t seen Kyle recently. Where has he been?
JW2: You haven’t heard?! He’s an apostate!
JW1: Too bad. I liked him.
by JW Terms January 12, 2019
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When used by Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), refers to any form of media (including social media posts) published by a former JW about the JW religion. JWs are strictly forbidden from reading any form of apostate literature.
Sarah had to go to the back room because her mom found apostate literature on her computer.
by JW Terms January 12, 2019
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When used by Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Short for “disfellowshipped” (see disfellowshipping).

Frequently used as a code word because the speaker does not want non-Jehovah’s Witnesses to understand what they are talking about. This reflects the fact that many JWs are ashamed of or embarasssed by the practice.

However, it is sometimes used purely out of laziness as the word “disfellowshipped” is very long.
Jeremy can’t come with us to Europe anymore because he got DF’ed.
by JW Terms October 20, 2018
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