When you and your girl have a threesome with another girl. Then your girl has way more fun than you are with the other girl. Then dumps you for that girl
When Billy laughs at Tom when he got dumped by Becky with his side hoe.
"Ha Ha you've been left In The Rainbow" he laughs out.
by Tent_The_Bean June 07, 2017
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(rān′bō′ éd)

When a doof's atmosphere elevates to such an extreme level that it causes the releases of natural endorphins in the brain. These endorphins, combined with the enriched nature of your soul and a mixture of substances as copious as they are numerous, combine into an potent cocktail causing a blissfully euphoric emotional state in which one's identity and conscience merge into the festivals collective-being. Often expressed by dancing.
I was at Rainbow Serpent Festival with the rework crew last year, everyone was so rainbowed.
by howsyarainbow?havingagoodtime? February 04, 2014
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A phrase that is often said following something homosexual. Another way of saying "No Homo" or "Pause"
by Hakhmeed August 15, 2008
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Having the appearance, ambience, or majesty of a rainbow.
“The light reflecting off those bubbles is very rainbowic.”
by Incrediboy October 19, 2018
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the act of blowing your load over a midgets head. not on their head, over their head.
When Tom finishes having sex with his midget wife, Shelly, he always does the rainbow to her.
by rapingyourmind April 27, 2010
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when different girls each put on different color lipsticks and suck a guys dick and leavs a mark of the lipstick color on it
"yo dude i went rainbowing last night with jess, jess, lis, and kira!"
by Jess November 14, 2003
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