My Soup is a collection of people ( mainly celebrities ) I find attractive. If someone is attractive enough, I add them to My Soup.

Friend 1: Tom Holland is so cute

Friend 2: I agree, like, get in My Soup, Tom Holland!

Tom Holland is now in My Soup.
by girraffelover10 June 8, 2019
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When someone messes up your plans. Similar to: When someone rains on your parade.
You really messed me up, you had to go and put your dick in my soup.
by Ruth E March 11, 2006
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1. A song by Markus E-bear

2. What you say after a lady, like a waitress, gets her breasts in your soup.
1. Tits in my soup, Tit-tits in my soup.

2. *waitress bends over to grab plates*
you - Hey i was going to eat that!
her - Oh sorry! Do you want some more?
you - No woman! Go back to the kitchen
*she walks away in shame while you throw your bread sticks at her*
you - *whispers to friend* Tits in my soup >:D
by Firekirby August 11, 2010
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To feast upon the wet, saucy deliciousness of a person's genitalia. Also, what's cookin' in a person's undergarments.
Example 1:
Husband: I'm so excited you are finally cooking dinner.
Wife: Yeah, I'm serving. And after dinner you can eat my soup.

Example 2:
Tom: You are such a terrible cook. You can't even boil water.
Mary: Eat my soup, jerkface.
by coffeetalker October 23, 2013
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Said when accomplishing something great; like in a video game.
(actually happened while playing Halo: Reach)

Person 1: Got an Overkill!

Person 2: Niggas in my soup!
by JewzinanOven October 22, 2010
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