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Being in love is like hearing a bear roar in the forest. You'll never have to ask yourself if you are in love, you simply know it. It is a feeling which is not easily revoked. Sometimes you may not want it, sometimes it may be too impractical, but it will always be the most overwhelming experience you ever have. To be apart from this person is to experience a high degree of agony. To be with this person, the highest degree of bliss. If you have not experienced love, you have not lived.
Person 1: How did you know that you were in love?

Person 2: I never had to ask myself that question.
by Waiting_Impatiently November 29, 2011
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A deep feeling one holds for another, that has them going onto sites such as, looking up terms like "in love", and thinking about that special person within there heart the entire time while reading this. Now there smiling to themselves, curiously wondering how I knew that.
I'm in love with him/her. Shes/hes my heart! My everything.
by Ju-Jo September 29, 2008
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It's that absurd yet extravagant feeling you get for someone. It's not necessarily build upon the fact that you knew that person for years, maybe you met recently and got to know each other and then got struck with that feeling. That feeling that you can't imagine your life without them in it. Can't spend a day without contacting them. That no matter how many times they hurt and mistreated you, you simply just can't get mad at them. Can't regret that you met them even though they are the reason behind your blues. A feeling that you can't avoid, it will forever chase you, no matter how many times you deny it; deep inside you know that you simply can't and don't want to get over them. And that's when you can be sure that you're ridiculously in-love.
She's my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues, I'm in love with her/him.
by ShockWve January 29, 2014
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having an unbreakable bond between two
people/sharing a deep connection,
a commitment made to another person in trust,
the total surrender of your heart to another
person with the security of knowing they will
treat it better than you will.
Jared and Autumn are undoubtedly In Love

Can't you tell Autumn and Jared are completely In Love?
by yo daddyyyy May 03, 2009
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when you are absolutely crazy for someone and every second of the day you want to talk to them. theyre your everything. you never get tired of them. you love everything about them...even their flaws.
i am so in love with him that i just wanna singg!
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when you always think/dream about someone and all you want to do is be with him/her and make them happy.
by liligha January 16, 2009
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To care about someone so much that your happiness doesn't matter anymore - just theirs. There's nothing you won't do for them, you just want them to be happy. They fill you with wonder, you are completely amazed by them. And when you are in love with someone, you'll even let them be with someone else if they can be happier without you. Its a feeling that runs so deep it conquers everything. You're not afraid of anything. All you want is them, and their happiness. They are your number one priority, over yourself and everything you know.
They are your world. And you can only wish to be theirs.
"I am so in love with you so much that I'm leaving you. I can't make you happy. But he can. So go be with him. Cause I'd rather be miserable without you then be with you while you're miserable."
by Esti October 08, 2006
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