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Being In Love is so much more different than just loving them.

You know you’re falling in love when all you think about is them. And when you’re finally in love, it’s the most magical feeling ever. Because when you’re in love, you first have to start falling in love with them.

Being in love is constantly think about this person. Checking to see their name pop up on your phone. Day dreaming about them. Finding any little detail that remind you of them.

You turn songs into meaning because they remind you of them. And when you listen to the songs and remember all those past memories, those memories that bring you so much joy. And you’re listening to the song and your heart is pounding so loud. And you can barley breathe because the memories make you so happy and excited.

And when your heart melts at seeing their face or hearing their voice. Or even seeing or hearing their name.

And every single morning when you wake up and go to sleep, they are your first and last thought of that day.

That’s being in love.
Ex 1 :

Person A : So do you love them?

Person B: No, I’m in love with them
Person A: Woah, like IN love?
Person B: Yea..

Ex 2 :

Person A : I think I’m in love with you

Person B: I-I think I’m IN love with you too
by stupidfrootloop May 30, 2021

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a unique name of my boyfriend 😜 if you ever meet a Galaad, don’t you ever let him go! He’s amazing, he sweet and kind and loving. I promise you Galaad is a keep.... lol he’s Mexican which explains the rare name
Galaad is the best fucking boyfriend ever!
by stupidfrootloop February 04, 2021

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