"Lust is the desire for their body to be next to yours; Love is the need for their soul to be intertwined with yours.
-Being in Love is finding that balance between desire and need<3"
Lust; sex but lonely in the morning.
Love; not sex but never alone in the morning.
Being In Love; having sex but the next morning waking up and they're still there in bed<3
by BrokenLove December 28, 2010
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being in love isnt just who texts first o going on dates it isnt about seeing each other naked it isnt about looking as the best couple ever. Love is about falling asleep in each others arms its about holding hands down the steet and feeling a warm fuzy feeling inside its about getting excited to go on dates its about sharing moments toghether you wouldnt want to share with anyone else its about smiling when their message pops up its abput blushing when there name is mentioned its love. You never ever wont to let them go even if they hurt you even if they screw up you forgive them beacuse your in love with them. Being in ove is about commitment its sbout no one else is better itsabout proving to them no other girl or boy is there mind. Its about facetiming every night even when your both really really tired its about the late night texts its about absloultey everything and anything you can think of. Being in love is the best thing that can happen to a person it can fix everything in a heart beat.
"i miss being in love."
"so do i,look how happy they are"
by pie.... February 2, 2021
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The hardest, yet most satisfying thing in the whole entire world.
Being in love with your best friend is never having to worry about anything except everything.
by F.R.I.E.N.D.S February 26, 2014
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Something that can be both good and bad.
Usually when you grow so close to a friend, you develop feelings for them. Can be good and bad depending on if they also like you. If not you will usually feel embarrassed.
Person 1: How do you stop being in love with your best friend?
Person 2: Uh I dunno?
Person 1: Oh ok

Person 2: Wait... did you ask me because you like me?
Person 1: Uhh... maybe

Scenario 1 (Good ending)
Person 2: Wow really I like you too!

Scenario 2 (Bad ending)
Person 2: I'm sorry but I don't feel the same way. We can still be friends though!
by I<3Chickens August 26, 2022
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Being/falling in love is the best feeling ever. You feel butterflies in your stomach and a warm fuzzy feeling. You feel nothing but happiness when you are with that person. Nothing else matters when your with them, everything feels perfect. They mean everything to you and no one has ever made you as happy as they do. <3
'I never thought I could feel this way for anyone. I'm so in love.' ' being/falling in love is one of the best feeling I have ever felt.
by tieganweeks_xx November 23, 2021
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