Imaan is someone who is usually known for good faith and skill, and is normally drawn to success. People called 'Imaan' extremely 'sexy' and have very good looks. They are a very loving person depending on how you treat them they have a lot of love for you if they truly love u and are very cheerful and have a lot of humour 'Imaan' is an Arabic name where its definition means, 'hope' or 'faith'.
Her faith is goals she really is a imaan
by Ooohdatbitch November 8, 2016
The coolest girl around the funniest bubbly girl you can ever meet
Shes so funny shes definitely an Imaan
by Jasjsjejwj May 29, 2019
Imaan is a super attractive girl and SHE HAS ASSSSS. If you're dating an Imaan you better treat her right cause girls like her are soo rare and hard to find. She can be shy around people she finds cute and finds it hard to start convos, don't be shy and speak to her first! broskiiii
Deshawn- Yooo there's this one girl shes so pretty and thiccc and I wanna make her my wifey I don't careee
Furks- What's her name
Deshawn- Imaan
by Furks July 9, 2021
Someone usually known for good faith and skill, and are normally drawn to success. People called 'Imaan' are normally extremely 'sexy' and have very good looks. 'Imaan' is an Arabic name where its true definition means, 'hope' or 'faith'.
Wow!! Look how fine she is!! Her faith really speaks to me - she's a real Imaan!!
by IHeartYouuBabee January 6, 2011
Imaan, meaning faith/hope, is the name for a girl who truly will bring you hope and will make you very happy. She is insanely smart and hard working and so kind and beautiful you'll wonder if she's even real. She'll make you the happiest person in the world. She is an amazing friend, sister, daughter, s/o, and in general person. She always makes everyone in her life happy when she shows up.
Me: Bro I jus met dis girl she is so beautiful and kind and smart
Friend: oh snap what's her name?
Me: Her names Imaan
Friend: That explains it lol
by rub_nub February 8, 2021
Imaan is a super caring friend, daughter, sister and overall a loving person! she would do almost anything to support and care for others just to see them smile :) She is tall, beautiful and damn the most stunning for sure!
she loves to help and work with others. According to Imaan, anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!
she is attracted to rainbows and unicorns! A girl full of dreams is who she is! She does not care about what other people think of her, or even if she does, she finds a positive way to bring herself back! Get yourself an Imaan (if the best is not already taken).
Imaan is a such fancy person, so Imaan
by Tinks16 June 29, 2020
very very very short but could probably beat you in a fight
Did you see Imaan today?
Yes I did!
by funny anonymous person January 21, 2022