You will never find anyone more stunning than imaan. Her giggle sounds like sparkles and happiness. Can pull anyone she wants. An extremely loyal friend who will always take your side and fight for you. She is always there to listen to whatever you have to say. A powerful person.
Friend a: I don’t care if you hate me everyone’s on my side

Friend b: everyone?

Friend a: yeah. I have imaan.

Friend b: omg. I wish I had that.
by This is a secret account February 24, 2022
Imaan is such an elf
by Asad9999 November 27, 2021
Imaan is a beautiful, kind hearted person. she’s independent and reliable. she’s lowkey a baddie. she’s absolutely stunning.

She’s confident and learns how to control her insecurities
Imaan Hira is Hot
by idkwtfisimaan March 31, 2022