He is a very sexy man that is sweet, amazing, caring, wonderful, helpful, heart warming, and just fantastic. He is so funny, enjoyable, and he makes a person happy when they are not in a good mood. He has a good freaky side to him which is hot but cute at the same time. Overall, he is someone you wouldn't want to let go of when you see or have him to yourself. He is good at kisses.
Ilyas is sexy.
Ilyas is too sweet.
by Lissssssssaaaaaaaaa August 25, 2019
A guy who is really nice. He will treat you like a Queen and be your King. Ilyas will make you feel loved no matter what. Damn who doesn’t want a smexy guy?! Ilyas is too loving and caring he would take care of your heart like it’s fragile and delicate. Ilyas always puts others before himself and would put himself last. Ilyas is too unique of a guy (kinda hard to find). He so fucking precious when he smiles. <3 Ilyas loves hugs,kisses and cuddles.
Nancy: Dayum girl you got yourself Ilyas?
Miranda: Girl you know I be getting it
Nancy: Can I get some of dat?
Miranda: Umm you know what it is he mine boo
by Dabaegoal<3 March 28, 2018
A person who is almost perfected to the fact that all of the girls are not good enough for him. He magnets all of the chicks but if he doesn't like you then he will end you.
To reach enlightenment you will have to be an Ilyas!
by Word press December 5, 2018
An extremely sexy , athletic, smart, funny alpha male with gorgeous hair. Ilyas' have extremely large dicks, can last over 24h in bed and can fill an ocean when they cum. Any girl would be lucky to even know an Ilyas.
I am so lucky to have Ilyas as my boyfriend! He's SOOOO good in bed!!
by HotMilf69 November 15, 2018
A sexy dude that is crazy at singing insane at sports and demolishes everyone at anything they do he has a huge private spot usually more than 10 ft and has the hardest abs in the galaxy
Ilyass is so daddy to me what about you?
by Said the straight fax February 24, 2019
A very cool boy that has a good time with his friends and covers up arguments with jokes. He's avery good boyfriend so you are lucky if he's your boyfriend because trust me... you won't find anyone better. He's also good at kissing ;)
Girl 1- Hey is that Ilyas?

Girl 2- Yea isnt he so handsome!?

by Sweezin February 12, 2017
has a 39990000 inch dick
Ilyas has a big dick
by Too big for u October 20, 2018