A guy that knows how to treat a girl and is worth your time. You should keep him while u have the chance. Very intelligent and sweet. Also very hot and sexy. Has a nice taste in music.
Hey ilyas got any plans tonight.
by AcknowledgedDuck13 January 02, 2017
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A very cool boy that has a good time with his friends and covers up arguments with jokes. He's avery good boyfriend so you are lucky if he's your boyfriend because trust me... you won't find anyone better. He's also good at kissing ;)
Girl 1- Hey is that Ilyas?

Girl 2- Yea isnt he so handsome!?

by Sweezin February 12, 2017
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An extremely sexy , athletic, smart, funny alpha male with gorgeous hair. Ilyas' have extremely large dicks, can last over 24h in bed and can fill an ocean when they cum. Any girl would be lucky to even know an Ilyas.
I am so lucky to have Ilyas as my boyfriend! He's SOOOO good in bed!!
by HotMilf69 November 15, 2018
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A guy who is really nice. He will treat you like a Queen and be your King. Ilyas will make you feel loved no matter what. Damn who doesn’t want a smexy guy?! Ilyas is too loving and caring he would take care of your heart like it’s fragile and delicate. Ilyas always puts others before himself and would put himself last. Ilyas is too unique of a guy (kinda hard to find). He so fucking precious when he smiles. <3 Ilyas loves hugs,kisses and cuddles.
Nancy: Dayum girl you got yourself Ilyas?
Miranda: Girl you know I be getting it
Nancy: Can I get some of dat?
Miranda: Umm you know what it is he mine boo
by Dabaegoal<3 March 27, 2018
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A giraffes name. Anyone of anything by this name is a giraffe and nothing else. Ask referenced by 30 rock.
Dammit, that stupid Ilya ate all the leaves again.
by drummer_dude March 04, 2013
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The shortened version of "I love your ass". It can be used in many sexual situations.
Hey girl, Ilya, can we go on a date.

Girl: YES, I have been waiting, also Ilya.
by PRO USET March 15, 2020
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