1.Aragorn/stryder in the Lord of The Rings Trilogy
2.pretty damn hot for a old guy
Aragorn fought bravely against Saurons army at the battle of Helms Deep
by chikadee December 23, 2003
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and mine
me: oh aragorn show me your sword
aragorn: you can see my sword anytime
by kate January 02, 2004
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It's a beautiful trend started by Rubiholics on the occasion of Rubina Dilaik completion of 4 million followers on instagram
by Aditya 3442 March 08, 2021
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LIL IG (Innocent Ganza) Up coming aspiring Rapper From Nashua New Hampshire, with a popular song “Pop Out” with 1.8K views just in a year.
Oh my God I love Lil Ig

Why’s is he underrated
by Yurrritsgoogle November 06, 2021
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