The best heavy metal band I’ve ever heard. I’d suggest checking these guys out if you haven’t heard of them. Yeah they might seem quirky but they’re pretty good.
Person A: Hey have you heard of Ice Nine Kills?
Person B: Yeah, I prefer Set It Off though.
by Ithoughtyoubitchescared February 19, 2020
Ice that is nine times stronger than regular ice. Ice Nine's molecules are compact, and only a small amount of it is needed in order to turn regular water into solid Ice Nine. Consider to be a quite destructive weapon.
Ice Nine is so affective, it can freeze the ocean.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
The best metal rock band(also known as cinerock,) a band that is not known very well, but will hit it off some year. Are known for songs like American Nightmare, and Thank God It's Friday. Mostly songs about horror movies. Also go by the name INK
DUDE, did you hear INK's new song, The Box?

Yeah dude, it's good, but my favorite is Nature Of The Beast. That was Ice Nine Kills song from every trick in the book!
by BISCUIT.809 November 12, 2021
American Metalcore Band Forming in Boston, MA. The Original Band Members from Their Studio Album, Last Chance To Make Amends were;

Spencer Charnas – lead vocals, guitar,

Jeremy Schwartz – guitar, vocals, synths
Andrew Justin Smith – bass, backing vocals
Grant Newsted – drums, percussion
Then on The Predator had the members;
Spencer Charnas - lead vocals, piano on "A Reptile's Dysfunction"
Justin "JD" DeBlieck - lead guitar, lead vocals
Justin Morrow - rhythm guitar
Steve Koch - bass guitar, backing vocals
Connor Sullivan - drums
Then Steve Left and now the members are;
Spencer Charnas – lead vocals
Ricky Armellino – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joseph Occhiuti – bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Dan Sugarman – lead guitar, backing vocals
Patrick Galante – drums, percussion
The Band Is Now Very Popular and will keep they're strive for at least a few more years
Guy 1: Do You Like Ice Nine Kills?
Guy 2: Not really
by BentLikesMetal November 12, 2022