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A Great Music Store in Pennsylvania, and Maryland. If You're ever in PA or MD You Should Check em Out
Guy 1: Look at this bass from Menchey Musics! Should I Get It?
Guy 2: Ew Bassist
by BentLikesMetal November 19, 2022
American Metalcore Band Forming in Boston, MA. The Original Band Members from Their Studio Album, Last Chance To Make Amends were;

Spencer Charnas – lead vocals, guitar,

Jeremy Schwartz – guitar, vocals, synths
Andrew Justin Smith – bass, backing vocals
Grant Newsted – drums, percussion
Then on The Predator had the members;
Spencer Charnas - lead vocals, piano on "A Reptile's Dysfunction"
Justin "JD" DeBlieck - lead guitar, lead vocals
Justin Morrow - rhythm guitar
Steve Koch - bass guitar, backing vocals
Connor Sullivan - drums
Then Steve Left and now the members are;
Spencer Charnas – lead vocals
Ricky Armellino – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joseph Occhiuti – bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Dan Sugarman – lead guitar, backing vocals
Patrick Galante – drums, percussion
The Band Is Now Very Popular and will keep they're strive for at least a few more years
Guy 1: Do You Like Ice Nine Kills?
Guy 2: Not really
by BentLikesMetal November 12, 2022