South African slang for a beta male (opposite of alpha male) within a group of friends. A guy who is lower in the hierarchy, and thus can be ordered around. The word originates from a hangout/party/barbecue/chill session setting, where a guy who is lower in the hierarchy will be designated as the one who has to leave the fun and go and buy more ice (for drinks), while the real men in the group are allowed to relax and entertain the women.
"Mike seems like a really great guy." "Nah, not for me, he is just an ice boy who let's his friends boss him around. How is he going to take care of me, when he can't stick up for himself?"
by Godbody July 29, 2019
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Closeted homosexual who looks up to, runs errands for and generally does anything necessary for his older slightly more accomplished gay lover.
While you were away I heard your little ice cream boy fucked everything up. Tell that little bitch to get off his knees and fix it!
by What suppose September 20, 2016
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