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After farting, this is the act of scooping the fart and throwing it into a friend's face forcing the odor to his or her senses long before it would normally reach them.
Person 1: "Oh man, I just farted. You wan't a sugar cone or waffle cone?"

Person 2: "Dude, that's disgusting, get away from me."

Person 1: "Two scoops of chocolate coming right up."

*Proceed to scoop fart into face of friend, thereby delivering the Ice Cream Scoop.*
by Jarn March 29, 2006
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In lacrosse, taking a lacrosse stick and putting it under another player\'s ass. You then move it up and down, scooping it. You then yell \"Scoop that ice cream,\" for all to hear.
\"Did you hear that Michael gave me an ice cream scoop today? My ass is still a little sore.\"
by Jim Halpert April 25, 2006
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to cup ones hand and place it over anothers asshole while moving the thumb accross the cup. just like an icecream scooper would do but over someones a hole
I went up to her and gave her an ice cream scoop, but she didn't flinch so I ran away.
by scotteh111 February 03, 2010
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The grab of a man's genital area with your hand in the shape of a scoop. It is essentially the exact opposite of giving a male a credit card.
"You deserve an Ice Cream Scoop for being such a dumbass."

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