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A sexy bisexual who is a charmer

Loves to make any girl happy just by saying she's beautiful

Mean and nice when she wants to be

She loves music can sing and rap

Loves fighting cause she'll kick a niggas ass

She holds her own like no one else can
Will hold you down no matter what's going on

Loyal a ride or die

Straight savage

if u fuck wit fam she will fuck a nigga up

Speaks the truth and states straight facts

She's will set fire to anyone who fucks with her and her people

She's not only an Aries but she's a dragon too so watch out she gets heated

Has absolutely NO CHILL
(Girl) fam: *walks up to a guy she likes* Hey

Boy: *looks at her* you ugly what you want

(Girl) fam: *calls IcSis* this nigga just called me ugly

IcSis: *gets heated and drives over to fam looking at the boy punching him square in the face* nigga who the fuck you think you calling ugly cause you wanna take this L and get that ass whooped with yo ole rat face having ass ears so damn big look like they belong in space can you say satellite fog face having ass don't know why she like you anyways
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by Lil Young Savage July 16, 2017
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