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*clears throat* a rainie is the girl that is crazy as hell. she is usually hitting you or laughing at you. she has issues but you gotta love her tho. Shes actually really lit and happy. she is skinny as hell but still pulls hella guys. she really pretty and SEXUAL AS HELL SHE WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD SHES A HOE ON SATURDAY But in church on sunday. shes amazing she wont leave you, she will always be by your side .
i was chilling with that crazy ass rainie chick.
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by kirby.00014 November 30, 2016
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The awesome emo girl in your english class you know that looks sexy as hell but you cant say anything to her 'cuz she will probably rip your head off.ussualy falls in love with assholes.
by Elizabeth son!! January 04, 2009
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She loves to eat things with the word pop inn it like Popcorn and Poptarts but she doesn't like pop. Rainie's are strange. But you you should add this one on Instagram @Rainie.dayz.
Wow this Instagram is the best @Rainie.dayz
by itzzjusttmee June 05, 2018
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An insane, nonbinary edgelord who wears all black. Rainies are usually seen reading 1000 page books or comic books. They wear black eyeliner. Never get a Rainie mad or else they will rip off your head. They are not interested in love so don't even ask.
Person 1: Have you seen Rainie?
Person 2: Yes, they're hot
Person 1: Shut up, they'll rip your head off if they hear you say that!
by -Shiloh- September 04, 2017
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