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A geek who has transcended the super geek state of being. A geek who doesn't even need to show up at work, and can still command all machines, servers, and networks as if he/she's standing there. See also r0x0r, h4x0rz, white-hat but not white hats.

IT Super Ninjas often make users uneasy by taking control of their mouse from inside their machine. If physical intervention is needed, they prefer to use the cover, concealment, and downtime of night, and often must be experts in lockpicking, parkour, and stealth while accessing workstations left locked behind closed office doors.

IT Super Ninjas are the highest, and finest breed of geek and are to be respected for their finely honed geek prowess.
User 1: "Dude. I think they hired an IT Super Ninja. My computer, internet, phone, everything- has been running for months without any issues."

User 2: "Yeah, I know. The other day, I emailed helpdesk after spilling a cup of coffee on my keyboard. My mouse started moving, and some crazy dubstep started playing on my computer. It shook my whole desk, and the coffee came out of my keyboard. It was crazy."
by Llejk Eloc June 14, 2011
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