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1. Another meaning of hell

2. The short form of a group in roblox called "I spy an Alberto" which is a spy group spying on a famous youtuber called Flamingo. Also known as Albert/Albertsstuff.
(There isnt an example for ISAA though-)
by totly 4 February 02, 2020
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ISAA is another word for hell. It's a discord/roblox group hellbent on looking for some youtuber named flamingo who makes weird roblox videos. ISAA was founded by a guy named Kan sometime around 2018, and it's been growing ever since. Even though it's the main purpose is to stalk flamingo most of the people on the discord don't really care, but the roblox group is just a bunch of little kids getting scammed by random bots.
This ISAA group is hell.
by FatherHusk February 02, 2020
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A place that has long died, a place that only exists through stories. It was a hellish landscape - filled with cringe kids and even unfunnier people. I myself used to reside there, in every single server. It was a terrible place, yet many people found solace there. Lifelong friends were made; enemies as well. It was a place that people would call home, even though it was the exact opposite of what a home was.
Pandie: Hey, you remember ISAA

Me: Yeah bro, that's where we met
Pandie: Miss that hellhole of a place though
Me: Me too dude
by m1lflover69420 April 08, 2021
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