INAD is an acronym for 'I Need Attention Disorder'. Examples of INAD can be seen in any crowded place, and amongst any group of people. Typically the signs of INAD are first noticed in small children in supermarkets, where they tend to run around screaming or generally irritate shoppers by shouting arguments or pleas with their parents.

It is thought that INAD is caused mainly by ingestion of high doses of E numbers, especially those found in cheap processed foods. Possibly by E101 to E131 and E200 series, Also known to cause hyperactivity are the colours E128 (red) and E133 (blue). These colours are possibly what gives children Blue Smartie Syndrome

INAD can also be induced socially by normally involved people feeling shunned by the conversation. This can lead to them exhibiting INAD as a form of distraction as they steer the conversation round to a subject they can lead in.

Some people are naturally prone to INAD, while others rarely suffer from it.

Those afflicted with INAD generally calm down once they're back to the centre of attention. Possible cures for INAD are restrictions on the smmounts of E numbers consumed, and absolute isolation. The latter may induce fatal depression in those natually prone to INAD.
"Widened eyes, loudened voice, more body movement, he/she shows all the signs of INAD"

"My God, will that kid stop it with the INAD"
by Tristan March 20, 2005
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FML this week blows, INAD.
by Alkie1 March 9, 2009
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Handsome, tall, and very brave.
Very hard to catch but easy to get along with. Crazy if you know him but quiet if you don't.

Person 1.Hey, do you and Abdul Inad talk.
Person 2. Yeah, he is funny ash
Person 1. Omg he is.
by Designer-23 March 16, 2017
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