When someone says something extremely funny you can say IJBOL instead of LOL.
by giveyabecky December 11, 2009
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New York Post: "Gen Z cancelled LOL in favour of new acronym: IJBOL"

"Literally nobody says that LOL- I mean, IJBOL!"
by Gay ballerhino August 20, 2023
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(pronounced “eej-bowl”) acronym for “I Just Burst Out Laughing”

person 1: *sends a funny GIF*
person 2: IJBOL
by nervous_wreak3 August 11, 2023
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Person 1: “Do you like big black men?”
Person 2: “IJBOL”
Person 1: “Dude did you just bust?”
by femboylover22 September 29, 2023
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A new woke acronym that liberals are promoting to "cancel" "LOL" for "IJBOL" which literally means, "I just burst out laughing"... lol is still better. 4ever.
omg IJBOL! (Basically replaces LOL)

Do not use this term unless you wanna look like a clown!
by not-the-circus August 30, 2023
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the definition of Ijbol means “ I just Busted out Laughing
“ Ijbol cause that hoe look a fool
by HEBADYO July 8, 2023
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"I just burst out laughing"
dumb millennial knock off of lol or lmao
millennial: Oh that is so funny, IJBOL
normal person: you cant even pay rent
by michaelwave August 12, 2023
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