As in you bet or to agree with someone.
Brian- Im finna go to the store and cop a dutchie

by Sabri February 14, 2008
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When you and your friends do t believe eachother you say “Ight bet”
Brian: “hey Greg I got a girlfriend
Greg: “Ight bet”
by Aptmoney June 11, 2018
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what most ghetto people use to express themselves mostly high schoolers and middle schoolers.
"Bella come over to my house to watch Netflix"Bella:"ight bet".
by Melanie Hoyos April 16, 2020
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Something like okay according to a high/middle schooler(i dont know why but i hate this stupid word)
John -"don't USE Ight Bet!"

the idiot - "Ight Bet"
by GuyWhoDoesntUnderstandGnZWords October 18, 2021
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