You warn someone about something happening before it happens. IFTYS
by dodge_this July 26, 2014
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A 5'10 british boy who likes watching Naruto, and is very sweet......sometimes. Is very hard working and will keep you laughing. He argues a lot but is usually joking and is very sarcastic. He will sometimes bring himself down so you gotta be there for him, he will be sure to be there for you too. Also he has a very cool mom and does very strange things such as hide kids in his attic.
by Your-Momzzzzzzz August 25, 2021
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Ifti is a person who cares a lot for his friends and will sometimes care too much leading to depression if they end up leaving him.
you care too much? aww you’re like an ifti
by RafikiIsHere August 25, 2021
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Unsure. Uncertain. Doubtful
Is he going to go to school? I don't know he's ifty about it.
He is ifty about his decision.
by Pushok.V.P September 12, 2011
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A person who likes trouble, especially in the matters of domestic/relationship sort issues. Usually extremely indecisive yet highly optimistic with mild phases of morbidness.
Man, don't be an ifti. Just make up your fucking mind and get on with it
by onewhoknowsitallevenaboutyou January 18, 2011
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Usually the nickname of a guy who is annoying and breaks a lot of girls' hearts.
"Man isn't he the one who slept with all the sophomores?"
"Yeah. What an Ifty."
by Premonitions. November 20, 2012
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A Dumb ass who is thinks hes right all the time with an ego as big as Kim Un
by wwewew February 22, 2017
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